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2018 Dates

The Church - St Patrick's Day Party 2018

Sunday 18th March 2pm - 8pm

Church's hey day was in an old industrial warehouse and our new venue is back to our roots, yeah!

We frickin' luv it!!! It's unexpected, it's grungy, it's undergound, and it's cooler than a koala sipping a coldie in an esky ice bath...you can see why we're such good bedfellows.

So, The Church...why Sunday I hear you asking? Well, that's because The Church is, and has been for these last 39 years, a Sunday arvo sesh.That way you can absolutely blotto and still be home and in bed for a good kip before Monday morning strikes again.

You know the kind of Sunday sesh we're talking about, with more beers than perhaps you ought, great live comedy, a bit of inappropriate dancing, some suggestive and hilarious games and finishing off with an awesome live band knocking out the best of tunes. The kind of place you turn up with one mate and leave with a dozen.

For Paddy's day, The Church promises a day of booze swilling, naughtiness, fun and singing your heart out...in other words, all round Irish awesomeness!

Whether Irish by blood or by heart, come along and find yourself three sheets to the wind amongst a sea of green and orange as we celebrate the land of shamrocks and magic.

We're excited at the thought of it!

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The Church - May Day (Army v Navy) Party 2018

Sunday 6th May 2pm - 8pm

No-one but no-one wants to know when tickets go on sale earlier than the crazy bunch that come to our May Day Army v Navy Church party. They're virtually planning the next year as they walk out the door on this day. Well, our enthusiastic chums. Here it is, just so as you'll all stop emailing me asking smile

Having said that, you know we love you…this is our favourite Church of the year. You won't find a better crowd anywhere. Sense of humour and ability to let your hair down with abandon essential, air guitar optional. Wear what you like…and they do…fancy dress rubs shoulders with t-shirt and jeans and we won't discuss any other rubbing that may and may not occur, ahem.

Get here, get a beer, sing your heart out and laugh your socks off ��

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Bo Peep and her sheep

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