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The Church Party Bar

Still Rockin' Since 1979


The Church goes on holiday… To party with livestock!!

3rd July to 8th July 2015.

Book your seat on The Church’s Bus to Pamplona.. Rolling out of London on 3rd July at 6pm.

After a night’s travelling filled with rest and revelry, you’ll arrive in a breath taking, greener-than-you-ever-thought-possible town in the Basque Country of Spain. As the bus shifts gears through the streets, you’ll hit a traffic circle and angle skyward. This hill you’re climbing, this luscious, fertile landscape rolling in front of you, this is Stoke Travel stomping grounds, and it’s where you’re headed. The camp attendant will waive the bus through and…wait, is that a vineyard off to the right? Why yes it is. A source of the nectar you’ll be enjoying for free because you fucking rock and brought your Stoke Booze Card, which nets you free beer, wine and sangria because these guys treat you right.

You’ll be present for the Fourth of July party in San Sebastian before awakening (or continuing on) to the other Stoke campsite in Pamplona which is your rocking home for two nights.

The Fiesta de San Fermín in Pamplona will be a five minute bus ride away. You’ll be minutes from where you want to be in the world when 6th July (Opening Ceremony) rolls around. You are cordially dared to find a better party!!! But until one of the shuttles comes, hang out, chill out. Talk some shit and take some right back. Dance. Eat some bull balls. Watch the sunset. Do whatever you want because with our BFF's Stoke there are no itineraries and no inhibitions.

Reserve your space by emailing hello@thechurch.co.uk .

Important details:

  • TRANSPORT: Return overnight bus from central London.

  • PICK UP DETAILS: Church bus leaves at 6pm on Friday, 3rd July from a central London location, arriving at San Sebastian camp by noon on Saturday.

  • CAMPSITE: San Sebastian (first night) - situated in a little town called Zarautz, Stoke Travel have a beautiful campsite on a hill overlooking the bay with a short walk down the cliff to the beach. Pamplona (second & third night) - A short distance from the festival.

  • ACCOMMODATION: Camping (twin share tent, mattress and sleeping bags all included and set up for you).

  • FOOD: Hot breakfast and dinner every night.

  • TRANSFERS: 3 euros. To and from the Bull Run every 3 hours throughout the day.

  • BOOZE: As a Church customer you receive unlimited beer and sangria.


  • DEPOSIT: £50 non-refundable deposit with the remaining balance paid on 22nd May 2015 (6 weeks prior)

  • PRICE: £310