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The Church Party Bar

Still Rockin' Since 1979


Mistletoe, Festivities, Beer Pong, Santa Claus, Revelry & Strippers.

Mistletoe, Festivities, Beer Pong, Santa Claus, Revelry & Strippers.

Welcome sinners, it's Christmas at The Church!

London's best known institute for mischief and mayhem, The Church Party Bar has gone all out to provide the sauciest selection of fun and games for your Christmas 2014. With 3 Sundays dedicated to partying it up Santa style, you'll have so much fun the coal in your stocking will definitely be worth it. Following the success of our December 7th event, we can't wait to put our stripey socks and Christmas jumpers back on for another 2 days of merry madness.

Once again, Electric Brixton (Town Hall Parade, Brixton, London, SW2 1RJ) plays host to a mix up of tinsel, boobs and booze this festive season - with two more Christmas events on our calendar (Sunday 14th & 21st of December) we'll be swapping out our cookies and milk for something a little spicier. The beery cheer will be flowing from 2pm to 7pm while you get your fill of that sweet Christmas tart under the mistletoe - let's just hope you don't see mummy doing the same.

With our Church Beer Pong Championship going down like Santa through the chimney, Stoke Travel spinning their gameshow wheel for free shots and shirt swaps, there's really no where else to be this Christmas than partying it up with The Church Party Bar.

Treat yourself to the only present worth having and bring your best Christmas gear  down to Electric Brixton for The Church Christmas Parties, 2pm- 8pm, Sunday 14th & 21st of December 2014. Because, let's face it - our naughty list is the only one you want to be on.

Proudly brought to you by the Church Party Bar, still Rockin' since 1979.

Oh yes, it’s… BEER PONG!

Oh yes, it’s… BEER PONG!

Saints and sinners, lords and ladies, this November The Church are bringing some old school drinking game excitement to their badass MOvember Party – if the dirty Mo’s don’t do it for you this surely will.

It's a game London longs for, a party starter we all love….

In a throwback to house parties and your favourite American frat house movie, may we proudly present the inaugural session of The Church Beer Pong Championships!

Sunday 30th November will see 16 teams gather together at THE CHURCH, fancied up and fearless, ready to battle it out until only one team remains. Head to head and round by round, our loyal and courageous Church Party goers will bounce their balls over heads, off walls and (hopefully) into big red cups topped up with luscious liquid gold... or beer as we like to call it. The team that beats all other hopefuls will be named Champions, and in return for their commitment to the beautiful game will receive 16 drinks as their prize.

If you're looking for something fun to do, and to end your November with a bang, a boom and a splash, head down to Electric Brixton (Town Hall Parade, Brixton, London, SW2 1RJ) for The Church Beer Pong Championship. ALL COMPETING TEAMS must be at Electric Brixton by 2pm, with no pre-registration required.

As it is Movember, in the spirit of the month of moustaches, The Church London will also be raising money for Mens Health throughout the event.

There we have it. Bring yourself, your friends and the best moustache you know down to Electric Brixton and join in our Church Beer Pong Championship and Movember Party,  2pm- 8pm, 30/11/14.

Proudly brought to you by the Church Party Bar, still Rockin' since 1979.