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Rockin' Since 1979

Is The Church really closing??

Alright already, stop with the questions..... We never meant to make you sad…

Normal service is over. There’s just no getting away from it.

There will be NO regular Sunday sessions.

But it is clear from your INCREDIBLE response to this news ( 1+ million views on FB…wtf!!!) that THE CHURCH must go on, one way or another.

So sinners, we’ve gone underground where we have been scheming and plotting a series of POP UP Church sessions

We reckon you could guess a few of the dates that we might pop up on. Here’s some clues…green and gold, just plain green and blue and red… and they all like partying, a lot!

In the meantime, we will be escaping the bunker every now and then for a bit of refreshment. We had a wicked trip to Ascot on an old London bus and there’s another boat party on the cards. Join us!

Until next time Sinners!!!


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Halloween Party 2016
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